Sports physiotherapists work with sport and exercise participants to help prevent injuries, recognise, manage and treat them should they occur, and then rehabilitate the participant back to playing their sport or exercise.

  • Examining and assessing injuries and determining whether the athlete or participant can continue safely with the event or activity
  • Treating and mobilising injuries to alleviate pain
  • Rehabilitating injuries by using manual therapy techniques, self-management, exercise and electrotherapy
  • Designing and monitoring rehabilitation programs appropriate to the injury and/or sport and level
  • Deciding whether athletes, players or participants need extra treatments and coordinating referrals to other practitioners
  • Working alone or with coaches, trainers and/or fitness advisers so that athletes, players or participants reach and maintain peak performance
  • Liaising with other healthcare professionals in the sports sector and in mainstream medicine

Both Ross and Chris have been physiotherapists for elite sports teams at national level and bring this experience to the treatment of all patients with sports injuries.

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